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Redistribution of Wealth Day. A holiday celebrated on the 2nd Saturday of December, embracing freaks and comrades of all walks of life. The holiday feast consists of non-traditional homemade foods. So in America instead of a holiday ham or turkey one may serve Indian, Italian, Mediterranean, etc.
ROWD was created in 2004 in Eau Claire WI. In 2008, the fifth ROWD was celebrated in 7 states- MN, WI, NC, VA, CO, AZ and WA.
This Year's R.O.W.D. Celebration will begin at 2:00pm.
by Adam Kaderabek December 14, 2008
Is alike the term rowdy, but has more meaing and can be used more often. It means when somthing is so awsome it can only be classified as one word.....rowd
"Dude tonight is gonna be so rowd"
"That party was so rowd"
"F*cking rowd"
by The real DBK October 01, 2006
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