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A confident, self-assured, mesmerizingly gorgeous, strong, resilient, stubborn, gentle, passionate, flirtatious woman.... having a certain "je ne sais quoi." Like a moth to a flame she has something in her soul that people are naturally drawn to. In the middle of a crowd this social butterfly will pull you in with her outstanding physical beauty and keep you there with her intellect and intriguing conversation. Laughter that could make a member of Her Majesty's Guard smile. Sophisticated with a touch of twang. Power of a swift flowing river with a smile that feels like the sun on your back and a touch like the caress of a light summer breeze.
Christina Applegate aka Rovene
#classy #elegant #regal #sensual #quick witted #funny #a lady on the streets #but a freak in the sheets) #cultured #vivacious #humorous and tasty!!
by reid marlowe November 07, 2010
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