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a combination of a rectangle and an oval. Rectangle with round edges.

Can also be used to describe the action of going around in a rectangle, since it is more mathematically correct than circling when in fact is not a circle, but instead of making 90 degrees angles you can curve and it would be a roval.
Are we rovaling today?
by bloodyrose937294923654 February 02, 2010
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Roval is a made up word, that originated from the internet jargon that is: 'rofl. It will soon become an internet meme because of it's outstanding epicness. The Assassin's Creed forum users "Stix489" and "the_assassin_07" invented the word that may soon become as overused as lol, so full credit goes to those epic individuals.

The word was created when two very bored humans were chatting to each other on the instant messaging service that is msn. Stix (for no apparent reason) decided to respond to a message with 'roval'. The word soon caught on with TheAssassin07, also from the AC forums, and together they spread the word 'roval'.

So, full credit to those two guys. Just remember; great things can start from small beginnings. And epicness is good.
the_assassin_07: I LOVE YOUUUUU *w*

Stix489: Roval +D


Stix489: Baha, check out the new LittleBigPlanet trailer. It's hilarious =P

the_assassin_07: Roval xD
by TheAssassin07 September 21, 2008

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