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Manly wrestling, brawling, or otherwise fighting. The implication is that while very sexy, it is most certainly very very MANLY fighting. .. with MEN!
Tom Hiddleston said of his character Loki in The Avengers during a panel at the New York Comic Con (10/15/2011) "Loki has to adapt to each hero, the way that he fights Captain America .. might be a little more rough and tumble. I'll be interested to see what you think of the way Loki gets roughilized, and, um, inevitably there's a lot more brotherly brawling with the god of thunder .."

Don't believe me? see for yourself. I was there Friday, and I can verify those chairs were more comfortable than they look. DUH, OF COURSE EDIT THIS BIT OUT!! fuckyeahfrenchcroissants dot tumblr dot com slash post slash 11507999712 slash swaggaraptor-7ns-totalefinsternis)
by Unanimous Delivers October 15, 2011
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