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An exciting game where one must move across a rectangular board in any direction, when 2 players meet at a box junction they must duel. A duel is commenced by yelling ROTUNDUM! as loud as possible. They then must draw a ribbed dildo in the shortest possible time span. The winner is decided by the least amount of time it takes and the best quality drawn dildo. The loser must then insert a real dildo into Blaine's anus and beat off into his mouth, if he swallows, you are allowed to stay in the game. If he spits, you are eliminated.
Eric: Okay... 1,2,3... GO!
Joe: Man... Eric is the best at drawing dildos!
Blaine: Who cares about that! Just get to the part where you stuff it up my ass!
Chris: I heard Blaine can take 20 black cocks in the ass!
Morissette: OH YEAH! IT'S DA BEST!
by The Big Easy April 26, 2005

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