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1)Noun:(Rotum)- A Rectal Scrotum; bumsack
2)Verb:(Rotumize)- To make less; To weaken
1 - Haha, I think that broad has a rotum, I dunno wtf that is.
2 - Let's bust this joint, this party is rotumized.
by βmåη September 05, 2005
a wheel company that makes cheap but good quality wheel knock offs from more expensive wheels such as spoon, mugen, ssr...etc. They are just as good but are often hated on by Honda Tech members who can afford the real thing
Burt: Wow Emelio those new Spoon SW388's you got look really good.
Emelio: actually there are Rota Slipstreams...
Burt: nevermind they aren't that cool
by Purpleekhatch August 18, 2006
Officially the greatest small town in the Northern Hemisphere.

Located in Andalusia, Spain, and bordered by beaches and holy light.

A genuine dose of kickass.
a: Hey, I need to leave the country, ASAP! Where should I move to? Bora Bora? Tahiti? Singapore?

b: Rota, Spain! Duh, you big douche.
by Skinny McSpaniel March 01, 2009
a hip hop hipster that has a tendency to wear skate shoes, skinny jeans or surfer shorts (depending on the season), an obey belt and a mohawk. This particular species of hipster enjoys listening to reggae, electronica, hip hop and eclectic indie music on vinyl while spinning "mad beats." His natural habitat is the city of Cambridge, Massachusetts. Do not be surprised if you find this character wandering the streets of Cambridge dapping up bros while chilling with hoes (or vice versa). Just remember: approach with caution, keep an open mind and he will show you a world of hipsterdom that you could never imagine possible.
Look at that guy's abercrombie and fitch sweatshirt. He definitely is not a Rota.
by maisouic'estvrai August 20, 2010
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