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A name for a special Kind of Ross that is unbelievably kind, funny and just generally a complete hero. Everyone wants a Rossage in their life
You need a Rossage in your life
by DAVEGREEN November 08, 2010
A delightful, peaceful, wonderful human that enjoys intercourse with only the sexiest of females (minus ex-gf). Watch your sisters around this guy as they will fall head over heels into his pants. He refers to all as "sunshine" ironcally as he brightens everyone elses day while playing hacky like a spaz.
"What's up Rossages?"
"Not much sunshine, just been playing hacky with your sister..."
by Ross' Mates June 13, 2013
1. Having ross-like characteristics.

2. To engage in the hunting of whales.
Did you see the Rossage at the museum today?

Rossage is bad; you shouldn't hunt whales you fucking Yoko.
by Dollar Dollar Bill y'all July 20, 2006

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