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1. A small town in Denmark along one of the highways leading out of Copenhagen. Approx. 50.000 inhabitants.

2. The original capital of Denmark. Before the royals started building palaces and summerhouses in Copenhagen (wich at the time was a small village known as "Havn" (Harbour).

3. Where the danish royals are burried. In Roskilde Domkirke (Roskilde Cathedral)

4. The popular name of a Festival that used to be cool and alternative, but now sadly has grown into being extremely mainstream and expensive attracting young and inexperienced students from Northern Europe and Britain to sunbathe and drink partydrinks while listening to really crappy indiemusic.

5. The site of a famous vikingbattle that occured in the Roskilde Fjord between Danish and Norwegian vikings.

6. Where the "Vikingeskibmuseet" (The Vikingship Museum) in Denmark is located.
1. We went to the vikingship museum in Roskilde.

2. We're in Roskilde now. We'll be in Copenhagen in about 45 minutes.

3. "Are you going to Roskilde?" (festival)

"Pffft! Why to listen to Sigur Ros and Coldplay and look down on people who light up a spliff?"

4. We went to see the royal graves in Roskilde Cathedral.

5. I bought it at a market in Roskilde.
by Naive Zuper February 18, 2010
Weeklong festival in roskilde, DK. Features a huge list of famous artists, nude race, hippies, condom wagons, dirty tents ect.
- Hey Wags I heard you're going to Roskilde...

- Damn straight!
by jon vw April 17, 2006

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