A beautiful, funny, witty, sexy, attractive, popular, perfect girl who is desired by everyone. The name is quite rare, as such women like the description before are rare! Rosies are generally indies.
I knew she was gonna be called Rosie
by Zee 123123 September 03, 2007
An extreamly beautiful person with a huge heart, a rosie is an amazing person who most people could never live without once they have met a rosie.
Boys love her and girls love her for just being her and how gorgeous she really is.
If your ever in need of a pick me up then go and speak to your nearest rosie because you know they will help.
i know all this because i have a bestfriend named rosie and i know i couldnt live without her.

she is an extreamly loved girl by everyone.
Rosie williams.
by amybeth_ November 20, 2010
Likes cheese, sexy, sometimes loud and mouthy but overall a very loved person.
Person a: look at her eating cheese
Person b: ohh shes a total rosie!
by DUDDEEEEEEE January 06, 2009
1.A person guaranteed to make you piss yourself at a sleep over....

2.A person with an amazing personality
3.A person that won't just take your shit and get hit by you, she'll hit back....
rosie with an evil voice" Celena, I'm going to get you!"

Omg i just punched rosie in the arm and she just gave me a dead leg
by LenaPaige November 13, 2009
a chic i would like to take from behind at the next party i see her at
by Dude September 08, 2003
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