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Rosabelle is an amazing person, both beautifull inside and out. She is ussually a cheerleader, but doesnt really act like one. A nickname for her could be rah, and you might be able to find he under a desk playing with mr potatoe head. She might come off as nice and harmless but she can throw down, but she will always have your back. Gotta' LOVE Rosabelles.
Go Rah!!!!!

Whos Rah???


Oh yaaa!!!!
by Spyder 24 June 20, 2011
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Imagine perfection. No.. More perfect. No.. More perfect. No no no!! MORE PERFECT. Okay.. You're not thinking perfect enough.. But that'll do.
Okay, so now add the most gorgeous curly hair that smells like spring, a smile that gives you literal amnesia, and a laugh that's like Omg, wtf. Actually!
Okay, you're starting to get the picture. Let's dive into a Rosabelle's life style. You're tempted to say hipster, but that would be a grotesque understatement. Think like, a deer maybe, or a hedgehog mixed with an eagle. That'd be close, but not quite, cause there's nothing quite like a Rosabelle. She looks like a renaissance painting, sings like a baby dove, and is more caring than any mother alive (until she become a mother, at which point she'll be as caring as herself)
She's subdued at first, but the moment you get to know her you're on your knees (laughing) because she's hilarious. She's also an incredible artist and enjoys exotic tea (and even more exotic sexual fetishes).
Finally, her style. I would say the best, but that wouldn't cut it, so I'll say this--it's like the 90's... But even better (I know... Seems impossible. But it's not)
Rosabelle isn't so 90's, the 90's are so Rosabelle.
by Lyndon bee Johnston February 17, 2015

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