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Noun: The pattern of poop marks on the inner toilet bowl that results after flushing a very large log or twomp. Due to the fleeting nature of water-submerged poop marks, a Rorshit will not retain its shape for longer than 15 minutes.

Preserve your Rorshit by taking a picture of it, and then ask your subjects what they see in the pattern (as you would with a traditional Rorschach). No matter what they say, just assume they have daddy issues.
Dr. von Braun: So, Peter, have a look at this Rorshit pattern I created earlier. It is the result of fettucini alfredo and metamucil. Let me know what you see.

Peter: I see an empty shopping cart in an open field, with the sun in the dusk position.

Dr. von Braun: Tell me about your relationship with your father, Peter...
by Rorshit's Journal July 28, 2011
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