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Originated from Diperooski, roosk is the activity of chewing some form of tobacco. Usually placed in the lower lip and satisfied for about 25-30 minutes. Amateur chewers may use the term 'Dip' as if to sound hardass when in reality Roosk is used by season professionals.
Guy 1: Hey wanna go down to the river?

Guy 2: What for eh?

Guy 1: A roosk!

Guy 2: Ahhh nothing like river rooskin
by Khoops66 April 07, 2011
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"Man I am beat, I think I 'm gonna hit the roosk"?
by DEADMEAT April 06, 2013
1. to get dominated beyond belief
2. a term created by stoners to identify when someone steals, cheets, or lies. and to signify their stupidity
3. to pwn
4. to get pwned
5. steal someones kill in either Mario Kart
6. to get killed or kill someone in Mario Kart
7. to crush someone in video games preferably with a star or a red shell
8. to be the crushee in a video game
9. to get screwed in a situation
1. dude! you justed tripple roosked me with your greenshells
2. i was roosked when that bitch stole my money!
3. that test roosked me in the ass and i forgot to lube.
4. i roosked you in the face with that snowball.
by kbilant January 13, 2008
A large tabby cat; Sometimes referred to as Rooskie. More dog-like in nature; Is well known for making strange faces.
"That cat is a total Roosk"
by roosklover March 30, 2011

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