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1. A party game in which a large group of people (ranging from slightly tipsy to fairly intoxicated) in which there is one person who is "it" that chooses an inanimate object in the room, and the everyone has to make fun of the object. Then, everyone scatters throughout the room and closes their eyes. The person that is "it" chooses someone to go knock the object over. When the object hits the group, everyone yells "Roompah!", counts to 5, and opens their eyes. Then they have to guess who pushed over the object. Whoever guesses correctly is "it" for the next round.


2. A word to describe a feeling of angst, anger, rage, disgust, or of the like. Usually to be used in a sarcastic way so one believes you are feeling fine.
1. Mom: "Jimmy, why is my lamp broken?"

Jimmy: "Oh sorry, mom! We must have taken our game of roompah a little too far last night!"


2. After Rochelle's cat climbed a tree and she didn't have a tall enough latter to rescue him, she was felling pretty upset and rather roompah.
by pseudosb27 November 19, 2013
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