(aka) more 3vUL than Veikko_N
Veikko_N is teh pie thief
i am teh spamm god
by Anonymous September 25, 2003
Top Definition
l33ter than GamigiN...him spamm fairy
l33ter than Veikko_N...him spamm fairy 2
him not teh spamm gawd
by Roo September 25, 2003
spam gawd
iam teh spamm king
by Roo September 25, 2003
l33ter than Veikko_N
Veikko is teh bad person
by Roo September 15, 2003
Vicious IRC-Rodentt from Downunder
<+RooDooD> i have Ticz
by NotMe December 13, 2003
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