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A common Israeli name.
The word Ronit means joy and/or happiness.
Shalom! Shmi Ronit." aka: "Hello! I am Ronit.
by r1o4n5it8 March 29, 2011
This is a hindi word which generally refers to a kid who sleeps all day and is very lazy.
But finds interest in unconventional things like fishing or drawing.
the teacher is very annoyed with the ronits of our class.
by parafron November 25, 2013
a joyful and happy person(not a lesbo!!! and not Stimpy)
This is one Ronit you ladies will not have a chance to mess around with.(Captain Matsimoto)
by Ronit254632532 July 10, 2008
Wise and joyous.
She is Ronit.
by BashBash November 24, 2009

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