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1. To smoothly move between large objects with dexterity and purpose.

2. To create a distraction followed by a swift change of direction.

3. To remove an object without being detected.
1. "Sorry fellas, you got Rondo'd." -Man after speedily parking his car into a space through two incoming drivers

2. Guy 1: Is that a parade going on out there?
(Guy 2 & 3 men look through the window while Guy 1 quietly snatches the last two slices of pizza)
Guy 2: Where is it?
Guy 3: There ain't no parade out here.
(Two men turns back and notice Guy 1 eating pizza)
Guy 1: You two just got Rondo'd.
Guy 3: "Just got".
Guy 2: All the time.

3. "It's OK. You just got Rondo'd!" -Dentist after pulling a tooth out of his patient who fails to react to it at all
by CeltsReebok June 13, 2008
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