The noise made as one eats one's way out of a recording studio, possibly with hands tied.
You can't record for shit, Albini. I'm outta this studio - straight through the roof! Ha!
-ronch, ronch, ronch-
by Bill February 17, 2004
Top Definition
The sound Rorschach from the graphic novel Watchmen makes when he eats sugar cubes. Notable because there are no sound effects in Watchmen, and the word "ronch" is inside his speech bubble. some more of Rorschach's onomatopoeic sayings are "hurm," and "chlop," "thlup," "chorp," and "lep," the last four of these occuring when Rorschach eats baked beans.
Ronch ronch ronch. Insanity, perhaps?
by Whiskeyleg November 06, 2008
Ronch or Ronchy
For something to be, look, smell, feel, or taste ronchy.
Disgusting, putrid, awful, ronchy, unpleasant, foul, gross, revolting,
Oh god, that looks Ronchy!

She opened it up, and the most ronchy smell filled the air.
by Arden S January 28, 2008
Ronch (or Ronchy) is the term for an ugly chick. that is nasty, dirty, and straight out disgusting.
Whoa, is that chick ronch or what?

That chick is so ronchy!
by Jimmy Hat August 24, 2003
Short for Ronchy; meaning gross, disgusting, dirty.
"Thats what she said"
"Your so ronch!"
by cpklf09 December 02, 2009
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