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A member of the blue collar comedy group. Also known as "Tater Salad". Famous for appearing onstage with whiskey and cigarette. "Drunk in Public"
Ron White is fucking awesome!!
by Princess December 15, 2004
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See Funny because that describes Ron White
by Joe C April 09, 2005
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The best comedian out of the Blue Collar Comedy Group. Known for wearing all black suits, smoking cigars and drinking scotch whiskey while on stage.

Ron White's signature line is, "They call me Tater Salad."

(Bill Engvall's is "Here's your sign", Larry's is "Git-r-done", and Foxworthy's is "You might be a redneck")
Most of his bits are about over priced things, being married, traveling, and stupid situations and/or people.

He has 3 CDs out:

- Tater Salad (his alias)
- Drunk in Public
- You Can't Fix Stupid

He is a brilliant comedian and very funny to listen to.

His only problem is that he's very slow on making new material.
"I got kicked off of the high school debate team for saying, "Yeah, well FUCK you!"

- Ron White
by D3finition d00d October 07, 2008
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Real ugly and the least funniest of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour.
by Bobby De Niro March 17, 2005
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