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the term shortened and used often in online chats and stands for Rolling On Massively Stained & Empowered Draws.
This is pronounced "Rawm-Sed" and we dont want people pronouncing it wronge saying "Rawmsd" its 2 syllables not 1. And now that you know the score you should know when and where to use this term... every waking minute of your life. All-in-all, if your rolling anywhere you should always roll with your massivly stained draws, for the sake of spreading the love...
Example 1:

YO f*ck face! You f*cking Romsed over here again and i'll blast your ass to the next f*cking oblivion! YA DIG?!?!

Example 2:

Ghetto master flex:EHYO shortay! Yall wanna get busy?

Ho #1: Do you got me some cash?

Ghetto master flex: Damn son, i be broke on my ass...

Ho #1: well none for you sucka

Ho #2: Wate bitch this guys got him self some massivley stained and empowered draws. Hes pretty fly if he can pull that off...

Ho #1: Fine bitch you suck his dick and ill get us some crack for later

Ho #2: sounds slick, i like.

Ghetto master flex: and buy yours today! Stains sold seperate from draws!

Ho #2: could you please shut the f*ck up? this aint no commercial...

Ghetto master flex: ...
by Dwayne Delane August 27, 2007
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