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To feel or to cause someone to feel so astoundingly positive about something that the only sufficient outlet is to roll in whatever idea/object/song/person like a dog would roll in a dead animal. Typically not the actual ACT of rolling, but an overwhelming urge to do so.

An extreme form of excitement or enjoyment with a bit of a manic edge to it.
"Are you going to the concert tonight? I'm so rompledogged I don't think I can wait!"

"That little kid just ran up to Mickey Mouse so rompledoggedly that he couldn't stop in time and plowed right into him."

"I'm planning a surprise trip that will be so full of rompledoggery that everyone will talk about it until the day they die."

"I'm engaged! It's so rompledogging, I've been telling everyone I see - even strangers!"
by Anndor September 30, 2009
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