Diapers? Play clothes? What are rompers! Well it's what old people say to Matt when he is annoying the fat jew infront of him.
"You may be wearing a suit, but you dont act very grown up. Maybe you should wear some rompers!" - Old Haggity Bitch
by D. Hunter March 18, 2005
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A summer dress that also has a fingering prevention device.
Is that a summer dress?
No, it's a romper. I guess she doesn't want any boys to go to stinky town tonight.
by The-kyids July 10, 2011
A punch in the ass.
ex 1. Rob gave me a romper yesterday and my ass is STILL sore from it.

ex 2. yo kid, if you don't leave me alone i'm gonna romp the shit outta you.
by GBD? January 12, 2011
1. a one piece garment that was originally for children, but is now worn by girls from their teens to twenties.

2. girls who wear rompers like to take it up the butt
Person 1: Yo! I saw Rachel today, she was wearing a romper.

Person 2: well you know what they say about girls that wear rompers.

Person 1: hell yeah i do! but I already knew she liked it up the butt.
by Mr. Adama April 01, 2011
1. a one piece garment that is an odd mix between a shirt and a dress. often worn by women. it must also be noted that those who do wear rompers usually prefer to have anal sex over typical vaginal sex.

Latin root word: "rumper" meaning: to take it up the rump.
"Suzy bought a romper," Friend 1.

"Dude, you know what that means?" Friend 2.

"She couldn't decide if she wanted a dress or a shirt?" Friend 1.

"Yeah but that also means she's into alternative forms of sexual play," Friend 2.

"Ahhhhh," Friend 1.
by Coleman Porthead April 01, 2011
A large-sized cone of cannabis
"Pack me a Romper"
by Diego June 20, 2003
Awkward outfit designed to make it impossible for girls to correctly use the bathroom. Girls who wear rompers also have a hard time doing "the dougie" while at the bar.
Look at that girl in the romper....thats not how you do the dougie....
by raul129 July 02, 2011
A type of dress only worn by girls with straight-curly hair, cute enough to pull it off. Girls that wear rompers are usually capable of being wifey material.
A: "Megan Nicole Wong doesn't look fine with rompers on"
B: "Dude, are you serious? SHE'S WIFEY MATERIAL."
by smrtaznkd September 17, 2012

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