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when someone has fear or hatred for Tony Romo of the Dallas Cowboys
you don't like the cowboys because you're romophobic
by valovine November 06, 2009
One who strongly dislikes Tony Romo and the cowboys to the point of it almost being a phobia.
Dude, Tony is such a Romosexual...I myself, as a Raider's fan am a bit Romophobic.
by Kynny October 31, 2008
An adverse reaction to anything pertaining to Tony Romo, Quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys.
Don't be so romo-phobic steve, he is one of the top 5 QBs in the NFL.

Josh is a Romo-phobe, he saw a number jersey on the street today and punched a baby.
by ssccootttt September 20, 2009