Top Definition
1. A sexual encounter with a robot

2. Being molested by someone disguised as a robot
The new generation T-3000 is fully sentient, made from high-tensile alloys, is combat ready, and gives one tornado of an erotic ROM Job.
by PaulAllensCard February 02, 2015
A person or group who appeases to a popular opinion or issue to get endorsements, only to later on change their opinions on said issues or opinions to gain appeal from other potential endorsements, usually displayed in politics as "flip-flopping."

The origin comes from the combination of the word Rimjob and the surname of Former Governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney, who has been known to flip-flop on issues during the 2012 Republican Presidential Campaign.
"Quit being such a Romjob, you'll only look like an unoriginal ass of yourself in the end."

"Dude, stop supporting one thing and then supporting something against it, you Romjobs."
by JKA303 January 08, 2012
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