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A shy but very intelligent and awesome guy. Very polite and well mannered. A larger than life individual, with great insight, perception and intuition. Some may call him awkward, but he has a really different perspective of life.
You met Romil? He's quite awesome once you get to know him!
by klol101 March 12, 2011
The benevolent dictator who rules the world. The king of the entire universe. The man who is the past, present and the future.You must follow his orders or Else>
Romil is the sole Dictator of the world.
by DESIDANGEROUS November 11, 2005
Some say he is an angel, others say he is a mere mortal who simply rules a large number of people. These people are wrong. Although much isn't known about him, one thing is certain and that is he is a supreme entity.
No known examples of Romil
by xxxnobodysromeoxx November 15, 2010
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