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(v) Rolling backwards combined with an utter lack of reality. Like when a jackass politician says something stupid like talking about legitimate rape and thinks he's gonna score big with the population but is actually getting pwned. Named after the Republican villain and secret democrat liberal agent, moneybags Willard Mitt Romney, who could barely win the GOP primaries.

Comes from that Greek dude who had to keep pushing a boulder up a mountain for eternity as punishment for being a douche.

(Also what noobs who don't know how to use chopsticks at Chinese restaurants do trying to pick up those last few grains of rice but instead they are just rolling around the plate).
Idiot1: Dude, have you heard, the Mittster is gonna take California.
Idiot2: Yeah, he sure have some Romentum

There goes Lilo back in court.
Hot mess got Romentum.

Barney: I just talked to Betty the cheerleading captain yesterday. She loved my bug collection. I'm gonna ask her to prom

Steve: Yeah. You got some serious romentum.
by johnny mnemonic December 02, 2012

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