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when the male places his balls on the female's forehead, then lays his penis downward so the head is past the tip of her nose.
that chick was passed out last night and i gave her the ol' Roman was helmet.
by tony January 26, 2004
Involves placing the testicles onto a partner's eyes and the shaft of an erection along the nose, simulating a Roman War Helmet.
Caeser absolutely loved to recieve Roman War helmets from Marcus Aureleous...
by DJHeadUp January 30, 2003
when you put your balls around eyes and your cock goes down her nose so it looks like a roman war helmet.
damn that chickenhead looked like sparticus last night when she was wearing my roman war helmet
by gregg bixler October 12, 2007
this is a sexual position where the man droops his balls in the eye sockets and your penis lays over her nose just like a roman warhelmet.
when me and my lady were havin sex i decided to try the roman warhelmet. she loved it
by chocko tacko April 17, 2011
after passing out, one puts his dick and balls and penis on top of the passed out victim, with his penis facing downward over his nose, thus creating a war helmet in Roman times
did u see that guy do a roman war helmet to that chick?
by mike b December 15, 2003
when u put ur balls on someones forehead and run ur dick down the bridge of their nose and they wear u like a helmet
your mom gave me a roman war helmet last night
by chummy(your moms lover) April 15, 2003
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