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-When someone snowboarding attempts an urban rail and doesn't make it. The person slides down the rail on his stomach with his arms over one side.
-It’s so hilarious to watch this happen to someone.
"HAHAHa that kid just rolling pinned that down rail!"
by S^0WB0@RD January 26, 2010
Insert two fingers deep into the anal orifice and insert two fingers of the opposite hand into the vaginal orifice and spin the female back and forth - back and forth like kneading dough across the bed. Use her like a rolling-pin.
Mother of pearl, Joey gave Sally Jane the Rolling-Pin and she loved it. Said it was the best time of her life! She felt like she was making pizza!
by Dick Beck December 30, 2009
A weapon of mass destruction.
"Man, that Militia got knocked the FUCK OUT with that rolling pin!"
by agentorange1991 December 10, 2006
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