When your banging a girl from on top, and get off and proceed to jerk as if to nut on her face, when your quickly turn around, and surprise her with poop instead!
I did a rolling brownout! "How?" While banging your little sister, she thought I was about to finish, I hopped over to her face, and when she shut her eyes SPLAT!... crapped all over her face.
by Pinacle_of_Knowledge February 27, 2009
Top Definition
When you are laying down, the girl squats on your face or chest, and starts pooping.
Timmy was so horny, he asks his girlfriend to give him a rolling brownout while he touched himself.
by Bearsfan912 February 16, 2009
When two people are fucking and the girl squats over the guys face and shards on his face.
Guy" lets do something freaky"
Girl" you wanna do a rolling brown out?"
Girl"unzips pants and turns around"
Guy"i change my mind!!!"
by Gopher1 October 28, 2010
The act of snitching on the brown
Man am doing time for rolling brown out
by heather ovellette January 22, 2015
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