to get loadz of money
so much money
cant top that...
by jdawn February 20, 2003
While you watch pornographic material, and masterbating at the same time, you search for the perfect scene to climax to. Switching to this scene and messing up as you exert your fluids creating a non-pleasurable climax is called a "roll out".
"Yo Dibo, i was jacking off before and i had another roll out!"
by tyler dennis November 08, 2006
an attractive vehicle, usually a car or truck; appeared in the late 80's-early 90's.
"Yeah, now that's a phat-azz roll out"
by Iateallthepizzainlondon October 27, 2003
To make parole. Slang for 'role' out.
Yo, T-Dog just made bond, he's about to roll out!
by payouroy August 08, 2007
To go on journeys while baking out a vehicle with a fat blunt. and after smoking, you roll down the windows and watch all the smoke roll out of the vehicle.
"hey are ya'll ready to roll out?"
by red frag June 14, 2007
buzz phrase used by man of plankton level of importance who is delusional about his own status.
this project will roll out in january etc.......yawn.
by twenty four seven. April 07, 2003
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