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This is the coolest god damn word in the english language.
Thanks to our lord "Scooby Doo" this word has been blessed upon us.
Use it as many times as possible.
Must be said with a lift to the voice.
Your only saying it right if it annoys the shit out of everyone you know and love.
It will ruin your life, but you'll be a classy as fuck whilst you say it.
Do you get it?
Example 1
Ellen: Tie up my shoelace
Zoe: No.
Ellen: Would you do it for a Scooby Snack

Example 2
Teacher: Girls stop saying that fucking annoying word
Zoe and Ellen: Rokay!
by rokay June 02, 2013
the ghetto pronounciation of lil jons "okay." its pretty obnoxious but fun to say!
a simple response.
"Ryan, please stop talking"
by cool guy February 03, 2005
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