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Rohypnified refers to the state of being affected by rohypnol, a common date-rape type drug. The word is used in the song Scars Of Yesterday by the popular power metal band Dragonforce. The song Scars Of Yesterday, on a very unusual thematic tone for Dragonforce is about a man either raping or thinking about raping his ex who has, in his opinion, greatly wronged him.
1: As it appears in Scars of yesterday "Hide from the light in fear rohypnified, filtered and disguised."

2: as it might appear in conversation.
Guy 1. Yo I totally boned Jenny last night.
Guy 2. Foo! That don't even count, I saw when she left with ya she was all rohypnified.

Jenny's friend. Girl I think that guy slippt you a rowie last night.

Jenny. Shit! I musta been rohypnified pretty bad I don't even remember what guy you mean.
by LastHopeForSilence March 01, 2009
A word made up by Power Metal Band Dragonforce, found in their song "Scars of Yesterday", a bonus track on their album "Ultra Beatdown". Currently has no real definition.
ZP (Singing) : Hide from the Light in Fear, Rohypnified, Filtered and Disguised.

Listeners: WTF!? Rohypnified?! Thats not a word!
by M1N1M3 September 01, 2008
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