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Rogel means "famous warrior" and is a form of the name Roger and is also similar to Rogelio. It is of Spanish origin and is commonly a name given to males in Spain as well as in Spanish colonised areas.
by Jorge Valentino October 01, 2011
In medievil folklore, the name Rogel was given to a man with an unusually small penis. People used to pay their respects to Rogel to use his extremely small penis to bring them a good harvest for the harvest season. People described Rogel as a lonely man, although when he found himself a suitable match, he would refer to her as 'buba'. He was described to have the voice of an angel although when he sung in public, he was humiliated and ridiculed and was hung by the genitals therefore made his penis twice as small which thus brought good luck to the village.
by Jorge Valentino September 28, 2011