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a term i made up that i use on aim i first thought it up about 2 months ago now
its a joke on how ridiculous ROFL is and a play on the toy robo raptor
like with stupid shit like roflcopter
this is from my aim conversation with Jake when i first made it up we were jus comin up wit stupid ROFL stuff for tha show

Che1134 (5:00:57 PM): roflolz
ortegabomb (5:01:08 PM): uberoflolzcopter
Che1134 (5:02:03 PM): roflraptor
ortegabomb (5:04:36 PM): roflsubmarine
Che1134 (5:04:54 PM):uberroflolzmaocopterz
by Adam fukin Menendez March 03, 2007
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