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1.) Jone Dome podcast term meaning to aggressively seek to have sex with a chick in the restroom of a bar or restaurant.

2.) To have sex with a girl in the bathroom.
Cam said that that if that girl keeps flirting with him at the bar, she's going to get Roethlisbergered.

The next redundancy that walks in in this club is going to get Roethlisbergered.
#roethlisbergered #jone dome #sex #bathroom #rothlisbergered
by April 29, 2010
3 Words related to Roethlisbergered
1)To be taken advantage of in a college bar or on a bathroom floor. Or both.
2) Straight up raped
3)To have a roided out man take advantage of your inability to do tequila shots.
Did you hear about Amanda? She got Roethlisberged by that old dude at the 7-11.
Ease up on that tequila or you will get Roethlisbergered.
The Cinncinnati Bengals get the Roethlisberger treatment every season!
#rothlisberger #the roethlisberger treatment #b-roethed #to be roethled #pussy bergerler
by Geni-O April 27, 2010
To be accused of Sexually Assaulted.
I can't believe Jenny was Roethlisbergered last night.
#sports #sex #police #football #celebrity
by me88888 April 13, 2010
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