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Extremely sweet and caring guy. He'll carry your books. Hes also really smart and gets along with everyone.
Roemellos' such a sweet heart!!
by des<3 May 02, 2011
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Normally a cute clean cut male between 5'10 and 6'2 with big lips/soft skin or clean nail beds. He loves all types of music & a lot of people would say he is the life of the party. He loves to joke around as if he's never passed the age the 5 but he cuss like a sailor. Most people would say he's funny, considerate, a freak, witty, VERY SARCASTIC and his facial expressions will tell you everything he plans to say, yet he's loving and caring. He loves to eat sweets and will eat or drink anything involving chocolate. His charming and friendly personality may get him mistaken for a hoe/thot everyday but he's used to it. He cannot tell a lie unless its to save someone's feelings. He's very down to earth yet spontaneous and normally falls hard for women who are exactly the same as him. He finds it extremely easy to make friends because he's book and street smart but gets annoyed easily by those who lack common sense. He has a mild case of OCD but has an extremely weird foot fetish that can only be noticed mostly in summer time. Bottom line, a Roemello is the biggest Asshole you will ever met and love so beware.
"Roemello is an asshole but its charming in a weird way"
"either its me or Roemello has a foot fetish"
"Roemello funny as hell"
" He's an asshole but he's cute"
by MelloTheFello March 14, 2017
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