Slang term for breasts as used by comedian Russell Howard.
That's a lovely pair of rodneys!
by WTLN August 21, 2011
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Someone who has a unusally large penis and as reffered to as a "pussaholic" from all the pussy he gets.
Damn, did you see Rodney at the party? hes a fuckin playa.
by trillnigga August 17, 2007
Rodney is another word for erection.
I had a rodney while driving to work the other day.
by Stuart April 18, 2006
1) huge cock
stuart has a rodney

shawn got a rodney looking at morgan and stuart make out
by whitesizzle101 November 25, 2007
a rod(dick) that goes all the way down to the knee.
Mike has a rodney. That thing is like a snake.
by Michael Florence 696969 February 22, 2008
He has a bad temper, you never want to mess with him or anyone he loves.
He doesn't really talk about his feelings, but when he needs to he has a special someone

that he can confide in. He's a guy that loves with all his heart and isn't afraid to let
other people know about who he loves. He is strong willed and passionate,

he likes to talk and be the center of attention. Rodneys are amazing people

who will go to the ends of the earth for someone else and don't usually expect anything in

return. He's a sweet and sensitive guy, but covers that up with his strong physicality
and mentality.
Q:' Who's that guy?'
A: 'It's Rodney, of course'
by Poppet917 November 06, 2013
A person who is, at most times, by themself.
The word Rodnied can also be used to describe a person who is on on their own.
"Look at this cool kid! He's a bit of a Rodney."

"Look at that rat. He's all rodnied."
by EeeeeeeeeemazingMatttherat December 08, 2013

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