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A suck ass town just above wilson. Its a small community, that has a big crime rate. If your not hungry or trying to get shot dont bother coming to rocky mount. Most people that are from here claim to be from somewhere north because they went there for a couple of weeks over the summer and came back. Despite what year it is, there is a large persentage of rednecks who still think black people are their slaves. But thats ok, because the black people that are here dont consider themselves to be black because their Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great grandma was indian.

Oh, if your instrested in going to wallmart after 9, make sure you have your ID. Its like a club there after dark.
Prsn1-"ready to go hang at wal-mart?"
Prsn2-"no, i left my ID at mc.donalds"
Prsn1-"im glad im moving back to norfolk. Rocky mount sucks"
Prsn2-"damn. Well can we go back to mc.donalds?"
by Ingleside4lyfe July 02, 2009
The Moonshine capital of the world located in the large county of Franklin in Virginia.
Have you ever been to Rocky Mount? It is overrun by rednecks, beer, and tobacco. Lovely, isn't it?
by Craig Sales November 13, 2007
hard time getting the head started.
Last night I had another rocky mount my honey moving her legs. next time I use a mexican 5star thats mexican love with a muy bueno licky.
by itichie_nocanpo June 23, 2006
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