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A combination of Rockstar and Gangsta.
That guy was looking Rocksta in his Jay Z Shirt and Brass knuckles belt.
by LOLZ11 April 22, 2011
Combination of Rockstar And Rasta And/Or Gansta. Coined By The Hip Hop Group 'LaRocksta Family' or 'LaRocksta Familia'

"Contrary to popular belief, the word Rocksta - which LaRocksta is derived from, is a combination of the words 'Rockstar' & 'Rasta' - Not 'Rockstar' & 'Gangsta' as speculated amongst fans. " -Wikipedia
A.) That guy just ate about 10 hits of acid, and he has to see his P.O. in an hour! That is a muthafuckin Rocksta!

B.) That chick can deep throat and lick the sack at the same damn time...That's a Rocksta bitch for real!
by MississippiThuggin January 21, 2013
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