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One of the baddest and toughest organization in Philly. 95% of this gang-clique is Cambodian. They are ruthless, pretty, and hard to get at. Notoriously known for taking other peoples girl(getting owned and pre-owned)(fact not fiction). If you meet these criterias. Then you still not a Rocklander cuz theys one in a million. Known to be affiliated with SLC. Be careful and approach with caution because it could get Intense, REALLY INTENSE....well not REALLY INTENSE, but pretty intense.
Damn look at the boy in that infiniti g35 with the 20 inch asanti spinning wheels....he must be a RoCKlanDer(Rocklanderz).

OMG im dont wanna go cuz its gonna be some RoCklAnd3rz there.(rockalnderz)
by Master Of Baychin May 15, 2009
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