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Sarcastic term of praise handed to someone who deducts the obvious and makes sure as many people as possible recognise that they have pointed out the obvious, in an attempt to sound intelligent.
Hey, that car's on fire!

Oh look at the fucking rocket scientist, as if we didn't notice the huge flames, the explosion that we heard so decided to run here etc. Idiot.
by Gumba Gumba April 13, 2004
Extraordinary intelligent individual.
Dont even go there with that dude, hes a "rocketscientist".
by RICHARD B. HINES April 25, 2005
A title given to player by the SUPER DEEP VOICE guy in Unreal Tournament 3 when you kill 15 players or CPUs.
After killing 15 guys n00b enough to get killed:
by filipako February 22, 2010
producer of Penis-enlargement supplements, which probably only work in someones mind if they truely believe
That man must be a rocket scientist.
by WillyWonkaAndHisRocketFactory December 09, 2010
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