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Any worthless person with a total lack of consideration for others. They include homeless people, ultra-hippie tree huggers, ultra-religious extremists, stupid people, cyclists who attack cars, car drivers who ignore cyclists, a self-entitled child, a self-entitled child's parent who caused his or her precious little snowflake to act like an ass, others like them.
"Could you turn off your cell phone and wireless router? They give me headaches."

"No they don't, what are you talking about?"

"If you don't turn them off, I'll sue you!"

"Fucking rock stacker..."
by LeBonier March 31, 2010
Rock stacker is a racial slur against Arabic people. It is insinuating that they are a primitive people that haven't advanced out of the middle ages. I hear it at least once per week. I am surprised it hasn't already been submitted.
I saw a bunch of rock stackers talking rock stacker at the Quik-E-Mart so I turned off my cell phone so I wouldn't detonate any I.E.D's they had.
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