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Strong, Sexy, Talented and extremely loveable. They are reliable and loyal. Always the first to cheer you up with their beautiful smile.
Need a hug? Ask Robynn
by Amykins42 February 03, 2010
A lovely woman - bright, kind, hard-working and loyal.
That there's a real Robynn, you'd be lucky to have her affections.
by pqxrl February 02, 2010
robynn is just so hot. all the guys love her. they normally come from big families. they are very loving. they love kids and kids love her. they are normally home schooled at some point in their life. she listens to the coolest songs. normally their favorite color is purple and sometimes red. robynns normally love to fight but only for fun. they are sweet loving people. she has more friends than all yall.
alli: dang! who is that person over there?
bob: you dont even have to ask, it's a Robynn.
by iloveyou101 November 25, 2010
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