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Something involving Robert Pattinson that makes girls and women swoon.
Of seeing Robert Pattinson on the cover of Vanity Fair, Carol remarked, "That is Robtastic!"
by BellaJ November 26, 2009
a phrase to describe anyone who is a complete douche bag, a player who gets girls, or an all around perverted or funny guy.
this guy engages in bogie time.
a robtastic guy is a total tool who enjoys brotastic stunts with his bros.
"how was the club last night brah?"
"broski, i got with soo many girls, and i told them they smelled like my asshole. it was robtastic."

"let's go bro, B0GIE TIME. time to hold the shit out of those bogies."

"dude i was having sex with a man last night, NOT gay sex, and he totally jizzed on my head".
by trololololololololololol January 05, 2011