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Used to defined any of the 6 to 8 villians that MegaMan faces in the video game series with the same name made by Capcom Robot Masters were originally intended to help humans with tasks or jobs that were too difficult or dangerous for humans to accomplish. Later, the term was re-defined after Dr. Wily started his campaign for world domination. Robot Masters always have a special power that MegaMan can take from them and use against other Robot Masters, Also, all Robot Masters have names consisting of one word, and "Man" tagged on the end. Thus, GutsMan, DrillMan, and so-forth.
"8 new Robot Masters have appeared to challenge MegaMan!"
by Dray84 January 21, 2005
A character in the Megaman (a.k.a. Mega Man) series of games (usually, but not necessarily a boss) who is an anime robot whose name ends with Man. There are over eighty of them.
Guts Man is Dr. Wily's favorite robot master. Really!
by BiggerJ June 24, 2003
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