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When two people have sex and there's no passion and its all robotic and shit. Usually, one person finds no pleasure.
/All done in robotic voice, hence the robot fuck/

Jenny: Oh yes. This is amazing.
John: Oh yeah. I think I am about to let off my load.
Jenny: This is so passionate. Im about to cum.

...9 hours later
Jenny: Yep.. Almost there.
John: Yes. Me too. Oh wait. There it went. It felt so amazing.

...14 hours later

Jenny: Yep. Almost there. I can feel it coming.
John: Zzzzzzzz.
by ass.. August 22, 2010
When someone uses a robot to fuck, or fucks the robot, also if the person uses some type of special machine to fuck, in which, is a Robot Fuck.
" Hey, get the hell off my lawn "
" You and all your Robot Fucks can go fuck off"
by iRevency February 24, 2010
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