After drinking large amounts of robitussin to get high you usually get gassy as hell and get what I like to call the robo-farts. The day after if you're still afterglowing you'll be ripping robo-farts all day.
Holy shit can you guys smell that? I got some fat robo-farts.
by LCeezey February 10, 2008
Top Definition
The sudden supply of bodily gas that uccures after dinking a bottle of robitussin
AHHHH!......Robo fart
by Johnny Robitussin August 25, 2003
the horrible gas one receives after consuming large amounts of robitussin in order to get high
francis: oh man whats that smell?
Bruce: Oh sorry, i'm robotripping, but i also got the robofarts
Francis: Man those robofarts is nasty
by Rob E. Tussin October 14, 2009
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