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A masturbator.

Etymology: actions that the masturbator executes throughout the four phases of the sexual response cycle: Rub (excitement) and yank (plateau), "eeee" (orgasm), pat (resolution).
Megan Fox was in the elevator when a creepy man walked in, rubbed his crotch as he stared at her legs. Then after a few minutes, he yanked his crotch, cried "eeee" as he climaxed. After he came and his buddy relaxed, he gave it a pat on the head and pushed in the center of his pants so it isn't noticable. Now every time Megan rides in an elevator, she will think of "Robin Yankee Pat".
#masturbator (related word) #sxresponsecycle (related word) #creeper (related word) #pervert (related word) #robin yankeepat (mispelling)
by Nikos Demeterius March 13, 2010
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