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Critic that is a a complete dumbass who gives excellent or flawless albums poor reviews yet he gives complete jokes of "musicians" excellent reviews. Has as much taste as a 10 year old who believes Limp Bizkit to be the heaviest shit and "true metal".
Some albums considered bad or not that good by Robert Christgau:

Master of Puppets: B-
...And Justice for All: C+
In the Court of the Crimson King: D+
The Dark Side of the Moon: B
OK Computer: B-
Me Against the World: C+
Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables: C+
Hotel California: B

Some albums considered good by Robert Christgau:

Late Registration: A+
The Massacre: A-
The Fame Monster: A-
Fearless: A-
The E.N.D.: A
by RobertChristgauIsADumbass August 31, 2010
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