An alternative, and cooler way to spell "Robbie"
Robee is the sexiest ukulele player I've ever met in my life.
by thefarsid3kid November 18, 2010
Top Definition
1. A invention or move made or originated by you. To put Your own style or swag to something.
2. A Gymnastics Bar Move originated by Nevaeh "Ney Ney" Ford.
3. To screw up or To do something cool.
1 a. "I RÓBBEE'D dat shit!!"
2 b. "It looks like she may attempt a Róbee , YES SHE DID IT!!"
3 c. "Watch, I'm Bout to Róbee Deez Niggaz!!"
by Killa-Kev May 15, 2016
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