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A near-mythical term coined to the backstreet alias of any Robert who is hardcore in such a fashion that they pay their bills with street cred. Usually has a cheeky grin and freckle face which the ladies enjoy. The dog refers to the 'inner beast'; somewhat of a spiritual awakening bringing the animal to life. This dog factor is fueled by alcohol or raging hormones of which, when activated one can only hope to escape. A Robdog will usually play an instrument to release sexual tension, often performing musical acts from various artists such as Jack Johnson, John Mayer and a number of other popular musicians. The Robdog will sit and stay when in the presence of specific women starting with the letter 'L'. It is important not to let the Robdog off his chain and to feed him daily.
Astronaut 1: Hey, the satellite is receiving signals suggesting storms of epic proportion.
Astronaut 2: Somebody let Robdog off his chain :|
by Dr Boss September 29, 2011
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Someone who is likely to short change you , give skanky under weight deals of anything illegal !!
only fools and horses . Boycie ! robdog who would sell you a car that's wheels are likely of falling off as soon as you get on the motorway
by von fletcher / ripley July 31, 2009
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Name used for a lazy network Engieering
"Rob Dog" is leaving and never completed the work he started
by CiscoDeanKid January 14, 2009
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